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What You Can Get for Free at a Library

In addition to books, many libraries offer free computers, internet access, and programs for kids and adults. Learn more about what you can get for free at a library

Libraries provide communities with a wealth of free information. If you are trying to save money, a library help cut some costs and provide information on budgeting. To get a free library card simply go to your local library with a valid identification and a proof of address. Ask the librarian for an application and fill it out. 

The following is a list of the things that you gain free access to with a library card. 

1. Free classes

Many libraries have extra rooms that they offer free classes for the community. These are often taught by local professional who want to share their expertise and network with others within the community. It is a great way to get out and learn something new. 

2. Free music streaming

You can save the money you have been spending on a monthly music service like Spotify. Music streaming services often participate with libraries to make their music available. For example, Freegal Music participates with local libraries and their collection has over 16 million songs. Use the library for streaming free music. 

3. DVDs and video streaming

You can check out DVDs and Blu-ray discs just like you would check out a book from your local library. Libraries also have video streaming services like Kanopy that provide you access to thousands of free documentaries and movies. To find out if your library participates, go online and enter your location. It will let you know whether there is a participating library nearby. 

4. Language learning

Learning a new language is difficult, but your library may offer resources that you didn’t know about. Some libraries provide groups to practice a foreign language. Many public libraries have a partnership with the online language software program, Mango. This software provides you with online courses that teach over 70 different languages. 

5. Job searching tools

Public libraries are a great resource for the job seeker. They often have an online directory for local jobs. Some may provide resume workshops and networking meetings. Check your local library’s website to discover which job searching tools your library offers. 

You can also find books on how to land your perfect job, writing resumes, interviewing tips, and how to network. If it has been awhile since you’ve searched for a job, turn to your local library to brush up on your skills.

6. Free video games

Start saving money by using your library for your video games. Many libraries offer video games for your Nintendo Switch or Playstation. Before you run out and buy the latest video game, check to see if the library has it to borrow. You may discover new games and enjoy some of the old classics! 

7. Magazines and Newspaper

It can be fun to have a colorful magazine or local newspaper delivered to your home each month, but the library will also give you access to a wide assortment of magazines and newspapers. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about recycling them after you have read them. Cancel that subscription and head down to the library to read the paper!

8. Consumer Reports

If you are updating your home or making a big purchase, you may want to do some research on the best products. Consumer reports is one of the best research tools to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Their reports are subscription-only, but your library will give you free access to them. 

9. Free tutoring

Sometimes your kid just needs a little bit of extra help. In many areas, local students will volunteer to tutor at the library. This gives the students the volunteer hours that they need to graduate and provides help to other struggling students. Check with your library to see if they are offering tutoring services. 

10. Free internet access

Monthly internet services can really drain your budget. The local library offers free internet access on their computers or through their WiFi network. While you may have the inconvenience of going to the library and waiting to use a computer, you won’t have to pay for the access at home. This may help you limit your time surfing the internet and just stick to researching and emailing the important people in your life. 

11. Art exhibitions

Libraries often host free art exhibitions that include elementary and high school students as well as local undiscovered talent. It is fun to view up and coming artists’ work and gain a greater appreciation for the artists in your area. Unlike museums, there is a greater chance that you’ll be able to meet the artist! 

12. Free children’s entertainment

If you need to entertain your children on a budget, check out your local library. They often will have games, puppet shows, story times, and scavenger hunts. Occasionally, there will be arts and crafts classes that are offered for a fee, but most of the entertainment is free!

Libraries can help you cut costs and provide you with free entertainment, but if you still need money to cover some expenses, Jora credit can help. They offer online personal loans. Apply today! 

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