9 Financial Literacy Games That Make It Fun to Learn

If you are worried about your child’s financial future but don’t know how to teach them, keep reading for our list of helpful financial literacy games!

Are you someone who struggled with finances growing up? Do finances still confuse you and stress you out? Are you on a mission to make sure your kids become financially literate? 

A survey by National Financial Educators Council found that over 50% of young adults would have benefited from a financial literacy or money management course. Luckily, many great tools can give your kids (and you) just that.  

If you are worried about your child’s financial future but don’t know how to teach them, keep reading for our list of helpful financial literacy games! 

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Financial Literacy Games for Young Children 

Starting your children young with everything they need to know about finances will help them down the road. These games will keep them occupied and teach them the basics of finances and budgeting. 

Peter Pigs Money Counter 

Peter Pigs Money Counter is a financial literacy game that has young children count and save money. Once the hard part is done, players have the chance to spend their game money at the store on accessories for Peter Pig. 

Cash Puzzler 

Memory puzzles are some of the first games young children play. Children can put the scrambled pieces of the puzzle back together to complete the image of a dollar bill in Visa’s Cash Puzzler game.  

Wise Pockets 

Wise Pockets is a set of games that teach children about financial literacy. These are perfect financial literacy games for the classroom. Kids will learn how to budget, save, lend, and borrow money in these games. 

Financial Literacy Games for High School 

It’s great to start kids young on their financial journey. The younger they start, the more they’ll know as they get older and the better off they’ll be. 

But if you haven’t started and your child is in high school, there’s no reason to fret! 

Balance Your Checking Account 

If you’ve never practiced balancing a checkbook, this game is for you. The game will guide you through different steps to fill in a register and then balance the checkbook. 

If you mess up, you will be sent back to the beginning to start over. The more you practice, the better you will become! 

Credit Clash 

Even if you’re good at balancing your budget, saving money, and paying off your credit card, it is still difficult to achieve perfect credit. 

Credit Clash will teach high schoolers just how hard it really is. 

Credit Clash will challenge kids to take out loans, pay back debt, and negotiate for a lower interest rate. Throughout the game, they will see which actions help or hurt their credit. 

Financial Football 

Not every child is interested in money or finances. And that’s okay. 

Financial football is an online football game that has players answer financial questions. This will keep them entertained while also educating them on finances. 

Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure 

Does your child have an adventuring spirit? This game will be perfect for them! 

Hit the Road will have players go on a virtual cross-country road trip. Along the way, they’ll have to create a budget, save some money, spend responsibly, and hopefully not go into debt. 

This game will give them a sneak peek into future vacation costs and what it takes to save enough money and budget for what they want. 

The Uber Game 

There’s not a more relevant game about financial literacy right now than a game about Uber. 

This game explores whether you can survive in a gig economy and pay off emergency bills. This game will be the true test. 

Financial Literacy Games for Adults 

If you’re reading this as an adult, do not have a budget, and are easily confused by finances, you’re probably freaking out. But don’t. 

It’s better to start learning now than never! Check out these games to learn more about finances, how to save, and much more! 

Check It Out! 

In this trivia-like game, you’ll be quizzed on financial literacy. To advance through the game, you’ll need to answer questions correctly. 

As you go, you will learn about investing, saving, living alone, and all about paychecks. It will even break down what your monthly bills will entail, such as your groceries, car payment, rent, and electricity. 

You then have a checklist of everything you could want to do as an adult and must pick what you do to see how much money you have left. 

It shows the harsh reality of how quickly money from paychecks can go if you are not careful! 

Ready to Begin Your Financially Literate Life? 

Finances are tough. They’re tricky. They’re stressful. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from understanding how to live a financially literate life. It shouldn’t stop you from teaching your kids how to be financially responsible. 

By using these financial literacy games, you will better understand your finances and help your kids prepare for the future as well. 

If you’re still lost on your next steps, contact us today for financial help! 

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