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9 Financial TikTokers You Should Follow

TikTok has 1 billion users per month watching short-form videos on its app — and many of them are watching videos about personal finance. Here are 9 Financial TikTokers You Should Follow.

TikTok isn’t just for dance trends—the platform actually hosts content for almost any niche you can think of. That includes finance—and there are some TikTokers who give practical financial advice that can really be helpful to your personal financial goals. The key is to find a method or strategy that will be sustainable for you. That way, you can work on your financial health with methods that have longevity for you.

Whether you want to save more money, invest, reduce your spending—or some other financial goal—there are going to be different options. Here are some TikTokers who give solid financial advice–follow them, and you’re sure to find strategies that work well for you. 

9 Financial TikTokers to Listen To

TikTok is one of the world’s leading social media platforms and contains a lot of quick, easily digestible material. While you should still take the content you see with a grain of salt, we’ve compiled a list of interesting financial experts with trustworthy content. 

1. @PricelessTay

Taylor Price is the Gen Z voice of finance on TikTok. Her college career began in pre-med, but switched to finance due to a personal epiphany. For a while, she shared her investing wisdom on blogs, only to discover the growing power of the TikTok platform. She saw the opportunity to reach a wider audience in a more impactful way and began growing her TikTok “empire.” Now, she empowers people to save and invest their money and teaches them how.

2. @NickTalksMoney

Nick Meyer is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and uses skits to make money easy. He gives useful tips on how to finance your purchases, understand debt, and get a better handle on investing. If you’re looking for succinct and entertaining advice, Nick is a great resource. 

3. @EyeBVee

Valencia Higuera runs EyeBVee to help more people heal their mindset around money. Valencia began her career as a freelance writer, where she stumbled upon the finance niche almost by accident. Through it, she amassed an amazing education and discovered a passion for financial education. She uses her platform to talk about credit, budgeting, and saving—among other things. 

4. @TheTradingGame

If you’re interested in the stock market and don’t know where to get started, check out The Trading Game. This platform breaks investing and trading into more understandable terms. In fact, The Trading Game has even launched a simulation platform where you can practice trading before spending a penny—that way you can work on your strategy and see if it’s for you. 

5. @BreakYourBudget

Do you have questions about your credit score, side hustles, taxes, and retirement—basically all the things you think you should have a handle on? Michela of Break Your Budget may just be your new best friend. Michela’s content is empowering, insightful, and easy to follow, and she wants to help people be more in control of their money. The best part? She breaks down everything on a piece of paper so you can see the math for yourself.

6. @HumphreyTalks

Humphrey Yang is a great mentor for the everyday person. While he does talk about the stock market and trading, you can also count on him to give advice on lowering insurance premiums, tax advice, and entrepreneurship. You can expect a really well-rounded approach to personal finance from Humphrey that can help you thrive. 

7. @PariiBafna

Parii Bafna is an excellent example of Gen Z TikTok culture—while her content is educational, it’s still meme-worthy and relatable. Parii’s content is geared towards teens and young adults and is designed to simplify financial education. Her tagline is “Make Money Make Cents.” Through her content, you’ll learn about cryptocurrency, credit cards, and even a little financial history. One of her latest series is a break-down of the popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. 

8. @HerFirst100k

Tori Dunlap is the genius behind Her First 100k, where she teaches how she, well, made her first six figures. Her content is about entrepreneurship and investing, and her goal is to help more people thrive with their own businesses. She has the track record in her own business to prove that what she talks about works and is a great resource for budding entrepreneurs. 

9. @Madeline_Pendleton

Madeline isn’t strictly a “financial guru,” however her content is geared toward helping young people thrive. She shares her “rags to riches” story to help other people and light the way. She’s now a successful business owner in LA but has worked many jobs and even been homeless. Her knowledge spans from apartment hunting to tackling student debt to moving out of your parent’s home, and she shares everything in a really personal way. 

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