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5 Budget-Friendly Activities this Winter

These 5 winter activities are sure to keep you warm and save you money. Discover a brand new way to stay active this winter.

If you’re heading into fall and winter with a budget, you don’t have to sacrifice fun. Of course, financial health is important. Staying within your budget makes it easier to hit your savings goals and lowers your financial stress. But slowing down your spending just means you can choose winter budget-friendly activities. 

Budget-Friendly Activities for the Winter and Fall

Depending on where you are, fall and winter can be cold. For many people, that means bundling up and getting cozy! Just because the weather’s changing doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Not does it even mean that you have to resort to expensive activities. Here are some budget-friendly things you can do to have fun this fall and winter. 

1. Discount Days

For most local events like concerts, museum exhibits, and shows, you can usually find a discount day to enjoy the fun. It’s worth scouting out some of your favorite local things to do and seeing what discounted days are available. Searching for terms like matinee can help you find cheaper tickets. You may even be able to find specially priced days for service members, students, or other groups you may be a part of. 

2. Hosting a Club

Do you and your friends have a common interest? Creating a regular time to get together and bond can be a fun and inexpensive way to have fun. A book club may be the perfect fit for your friend group if you love to read. If you like pop culture, try a weekly trivia night. For the game enthusiasts, try getting together to play different board games. Other ideas may include regular movie nights, absurd PowerPoint presentations, or completing puzzles. The sky is truly the limit here, but the more the merrier! 

Additionally, since the entertainment for this kind of event is usually fairly inexpensive, if not free, you may be able to spurge a bit more on snacks! 

3. Take Online Classes

If learning and hands-on activities are fun for you, try taking an online class. Cooking classes, for example, can be a great way to learn something new and have fun in the kitchen. If you sign up for a live virtual class, you get the added fun of cooking with other people and maybe even making new friends. Searching sites like Eventbrite or combing Facebook for virtual events can lead to some interesting discoveries. You just might find your new favorite hobby!

4. Get Cozy Outdoors

If it’s cold, time to get bundled up! Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. In fact, you might even find the cool air more enjoyable than the summer heat. Taking nature hikes, enjoying the local farmer’s market (or holiday market), picking apples or pumpkins, and going ice skating can all good ways to get fresh air and move your body. If there’s snow on the ground, you could even go sledding or snowshoeing. And be sure to check your local listing for festivals you can attend. In most cases, these activities are free or low-cost, and great for adventurous spirits. 

5. Make Art Together

Whether you’re looking for a date idea, a group activity, or something to do with your kids, working on a collaborative art project can be a fun and memorable time. You can use art supplies you have on hand or visit your local dollar store or Walmart to grab a few supplies. Then, decide on a process for your art. In a group, everyone could each make their own painting, then swap until everyone has added a personal touch to each art piece. If you have two people, one person could describe a scene while the other person draws. Or you could just keep things simple and work on separate art projects, together. Throw on some music or a movie, grab some snacks, and you’ve got a low-key evening activity. 

The Sky is the Limit

Concerts and parties and travel may be fun, but they can be expensive and not particularly budget friendly. But there’s truly no limit to what you can do on a budget to have a good time. Whether you find local events to enjoy, or create your own magic at home with your friends and family, the possibilities only stop where your creativity ends. 

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